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Narrative Budget and Pledge Card

Stewardship is the faithful and effective use of all the gifts entrusted to us by God. It is a way of life, an attitude. Stewardship is our partnership with God as we thankfully share life’s abundant blessings. Stewardship allows us to acknowledge our blessings and live out our ministry - to nurture our faith in Christ and serve the world God loves.

The primary goal of the Stewardship program of St. Paul’s is to communicate with all parishioners about our shared ministry to help us determine if we are maximizing the gifts God has made available to us. On a personal level, the program asks each of us to examine the investment we currently make in our faith and the life of our church, in a Spirit-guided, intentional manner. Our program urges us to focus upon all our God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure and to find ways to offer them in new and exciting ways. A program permits our parish leaders to budget responsibly knowing the anticipated revenues for the year ahead and to manage our time and talent in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

Below is this year’s narrative budget, providing a simple and colourful explanation of how gifts to St. Paul’s are used and how over 30,000 volunteer hours of members are applied.

Also below is the 2019 pledge card. Like an ordinary household, the expenses at St. Paul’s are due day by day and week by week. A clear indication from all parishioners of their regular and intentional offerings will permit our parish leaders to establish programs and budgets that correspond with the resources we make available to God through the church.

2019 Narrative Budget

2019 Pledge Card

On Giving - Pamphlet

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